World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated each year on 5th June. It aims to raise awareness of the environmental situation our planet is facing.


At Southgate, we are committed to offering sustainable packaging alternatives to significantly reduce packaging waste and plastic content. This follows our mission of promoting a circular carbon economy, with aims to create a more sustainable way of working and living.


Southgate achieved a Silver EcoVadis rating, highlighting its focus on driving sustainability within its business and the wider industry. The rating recognises Southgate’s continued focus on developing innovative, eco-friendly packaging alternatives.


EcoVadis is a collaborative platform which allows companies to assess their environmental and social performance. Their aim is to provide the worlds most trusted sustainability ratings, enabling all businesses to reduce risk, drive performance and improve their environmental and social outcomes.


Some of our sustainable alternatives include:


Water Activated Tape

Water activated tape is quickly becoming the most popular form of carton sealing.

It’s environmentally friendly and creates a superior bond to traditional non-recyclable plastic tapes. It is a must have in the packaging communities’ race to a circular economy. Both the reinforced and plain paper tape are 100% sustainable and recyclable.



Air cushions help to reduce a lot of packaging waste. Using heavy paper to secure goods adds a lot to your freight costs. However, air cushions consist of 99% air and only 1% film. This helps to reduce waste and keep costs down as you’re practically just sending air!


Paper Mailers

Paper mailing bags are the eco-friendly alternative to plastic mailing bags.


Made from 100% recyclable paper and adhesives, paper mailers are an ideal addition for the e-commerce industry. We also offer paper padded mailers, made from mixed recycled and virgin kraft paper, giving optimal protection to your products.


Void Fill

Void fill is an invaluable commodity in the packaging sector. Whilst we should always aim to use the correct sized box, void fill can act as an added barrier to keep products safe in transit.


Traditional forms of void fill include polystyrene foam peanuts and plastic bubble wrap. However, both products are very hard to recycle and will end up in landfill, taking centuries to degrade.


At Southgate, we offer a range of sustainable void fill alternatives including shredders and fully recyclable Kraft paper. By utilising a cardboard shredder, you’re able to re-use your cardboard waste as void fill, not only eliminating the expense of purchasing void fill materials, but also the expense of waste disposal.


View our Sustainability Brochure here

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