What’s Your Cleanliness Next To?

John Wesley famously claimed it was next to Godliness and everyone’s been quoting him since, but one thing is for sure – you can’t separate cleanliness from workplace safety, employee welfare and even productivity.

You may only know Southgate® as a packaging products supplier, but do you know that they also hold a range of janitorial products? Where’s the link?

Well, we all know that packaging creates mess, and mess quickly accumulates to make a working environment cluttered and inefficient. Dust; leaks; spills and discarded packaging all need to be wiped away, mopped up and bagged for disposal.

Centre feed paper rolls can be held in a wall-mounted dispenser and larger industrial rolls can be dispensed from a bench mounted mandrel or floor stand. If wipes are needed to withstand water or chemical deterioration, cotton sheet wipes or recycled, economical mixed cotton rags may be a better choice. In conjunction, latex gloves will protect skin from contamination and some harmful substances.

On the subject of hand protection, Transpal® also offer a selection of reusable industrial gloves for general use to protect hands and improve grip.

When it comes to bagging rubbish, refuse sacks are available in three grades, with light duty reducing plastic waste and heavy duty for improved burst resistance. Bin liners are designed to fit unobtrusively into rigid bins and leave them free of contamination on removal. Dispensers and consumables for toilet rolls and paper hand towels for the washroom complete the janitorial products range.

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