The Facts On…Tenzalopes®

It’s one of those brands that hardly needs introduction to people who Google® (search the internet) for AstroTurf® (grass-like artificial sport and leisure ground covering) download the installation instructions onto a Memory Stick® (portable digital storage device) for them to Xerox® (print on an electronic duplicator) at a later date.

They ask the supplier to FedEx® (send by a fast delivery network) some samples, which they undoubtedly think will arrive in a Jiffy® bag (padded heavy-duty waxed Kraft mailing envelope), possibly with Sellotape® (pressure-sensitive adhesive plastic tape) sealing it for good measure.

And with the shipping documents neatly tucked into a Tenzalopes® wallet (‘packing list envelope’ or if it’s printed with instructions on the front, ‘documents enclosed wallet’ or even ‘doc wallet’ for short).

They may call them Tenzalopes because of the plethora of online shops using this as a generic term, but genuine Tenzalopes envelopes/wallets are only available from Southgate® and its network of approved distributors throughout the UK and across Europe. Some of these distributors do resell online, but the chances are that if you’re buying them from out of the UK or EU they are a cheap copy.

The coding system for Tenzalopes wallets is simple – the size (following international paper sizes) is followed by a suffix – PL for unprinted wallets, DE for documents enclosed wallets, DC for French documents enclosed (‘documents ci-inclus’) and so on. If the suffix is preceded by ‘GR’ it means that the wallet is a green (eco-friendly) version.

Here’s how you work out what size of wallet you need:



Takes paper

(unfolded size)

Standard walletsGreen wallets
PlainEnglish Doc Enc.French

Doc Enc.

PlainDoc Enc.

Packing list/documents enclosed wallets are made of two rectangles of clear plastic film welded together around the edge. The rear of the back layer is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive and attached to a silicon-coated glassine release paper. The back film layer and release paper are slit through, so the documents can be inserted into the wallet before the release paper is removed and the wallet is applied to the consignment. Encapsulated between two layers of plastic film the documents will be protected from dust and moisture and not easily separated from the consignment.

A similar product uses now release paper and has only one layer of film – Tenzalopes PT150 documents enclosed labels, or pouch tape. The rectangles of film are joined on a perforated roll and only have adhesive coating around the perimeter on the back of the label. The label is removed from the roll, the documents held against the non-adhesive area on the back of the label, and then the label is applied to the consignment – faster, cheaper and creating less packaging waste.

The Tenzalopes PLPT pouch tape dispenser features a removable tape core spindle, a sprung brake to keep the pouch tape flat once it has left the roll, a platen for applying the documents to the rear of the pouch, and finger notches on both sides so the pouch can easily be lifted from the platen.

For more information on genuine Tenzalopes® packing list and documents enclosed products, call 01553 69 29 69 or email sales@southgate.eu.com.

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