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The Facts on… Safety Cutters

Let’s start with a shocking statistic:

A study by the US Office for Health & Safety found that 30% of the $20 billion lost on damaged merchandise was caused by using an unsuitable box cutter.

The shockingly high statistic of thirty percent leads to the question- what is a suitable box cutter? Whilst a large majority of people are guilty of improperly opening boxes it is important to educate ourselves on the best process.

The same study found that:

9.46% of lost-time injuries reported by stockers and baggers are due to cuts, lacerations and skin punctures.

However, it should be taken into account that a high majority of these incidents are not reported. As such, we can expect the figures to be even higher.

Box cutters come in many shapes and sizes,with a wide range of functionalities. Here are some of the features to look out for:

Thumbnail Cutter

A  thumbnail cutter  cuts along a taped carton seam. It is made of or reinforced with metal to make it more durable and as it’s quite stubby with a slightly rounded tip it can’t damage anything more than the packing tape. We offer MA1, FSC and CX3 within our range.

String and Plastic Strap Cutter

This small, retractable hooked blade that does what it says on the box. Whilst parcels rarely come tied up in string, plastic strap is commonly used and a safety cutter is the perfect companion to all operatives.

Film Slitter

From removing stretch film from palletised consignments to safely slicing open a polythene mailing bag, this partially concealed blade can safely stow away in your pocket and won’t accidently slice a bit off your finger if your hand gets in the way. We offer the Kinetix® Stretch Film Cutter, a popular component in the film slitter range.

Staple Remover

A staple remover will take staples out easily, neatly and safely. We offer product R3, the Rapid Staple Remover for basic removal of staples but if you are looking for a tool that ‘does it all’ the  Pacplus® Multipurpose Carton Opener cuts, opens and removes staplers, covering all your basic needs.

Ergonomic Grip

Ergonomic grip cutters have a properly designed body that is comfortable to use correctly will also be faster and safer.

Lanyard Eyelet

Attaching your cutter to a retractable lanyard such as product MLY or LY1 will make sure it’s always close at hand when you need it while being less likely to be mislaid or ‘borrowed’.


Returning to the above-mentioned study we read that issuing safe, appropriate cutters to personnel can result in a 70-90% reduction in accidents. Furthermore, the study  calculates that in the retail sector, a 300-store chain can achieve savings of $5-10 million a year in avoided accidents and prevented damage, just by implementing the use of appropriate safety cutters.

Popular knife and cutter searches on the Southgate web site include:

  • BNL/BNR          Pacplus left- and right-handed retractable cutters
  • CPK9/CPK18    Pacplus 9mm and 18mm snap-off retractable blade knives
  • CX3                     Pacplus Cruze Cutter® multifunction cutter
  • MRK                    Pacplus retractable blade ‘Stanley’ knife
  • CHS                    Safety Cutter
  • BSC                    Pacplus® Box Cutter
  • KNR/KNL         Kinetix® Right- and left-handed Safety Cutter
  • EST-G                Pacplus® Flat Head Safety Cutter
  • SSC10               Safeguard® Extra Heavy Duty Cutter
  • FSC                    Pacplus® Heavy Duty Multifunction Cutter
  • FET-G                Pacplus® Metal Head Safety Cutter
  • SSC08               Safeguard® Heavy Duty Steel Strap Safety Cutter

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Southgate supply a wide range of safety knives and cutters through their network of approved suppliers, throughout the UK and across Europe. For more information call 01553 69 29 69 or email sales@southgate.eu.com

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