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The Facts On… Protective Sleeving

Expandable protective sleeving is used as temporary protection for fragile products and surface coatings. It offers high resistance to acids and solvents and is also unaffected by oils and greases. Additionally, it has excellent memory so can be reused time and again.

The sleeving is made in a continuous roll of extruded low-density polyethylene, moulded in a diamond mesh pattern that enables expansion and constriction. It is also colour-coded according to its minimum-maximum diameter range. The flexibility of the sleeving makes it perfect for profile-hugging protection of irregular objects because it holds itself securely in place. Some typical uses include protection of:

  • engineered components during manufacture and assembly
  • furniture components such as table and chair legs during storage and delivery
  • glass and ceramic products during storage and delivery
  • fittings such as window and door furniture during delivery and installation

Frequently referred to by a trade name – Netlon – this low density polyethylene protective sleeving defends polished or painted surfaces, glass and ceramics from disfiguring scratches and low-impact damage. As a result, its flexibility makes it suitable for irregularly-shaped objects as it will follow contours, and provides a natural, non-adhesive grip.

Mesh sleeving is commonly used to protect table and chair legs during storage and transport, but the possibilities are almost infinite. For instance, it is resistant acids and solvents, unaffected by oils and greases and suitable for use outdoors and in harsh environments. It can also be reused time and again as when it is removed it will return to its original proportions.

Supplied in jumbo rolls and easily cut to length with scissors, mesh sleeving is colour coded according to its diameter, making it easy to select the correct sleeving if more than one size is used

TP5Clear7 – 15mm  sleeving
TP10Violet10 – 20mm sleeving
TP20Blue25 – 50mm sleeving
TP50Yellow35 – 70mm  sleeving
TP75Brown50 – 75mm  sleeving
TP100Red50 – 100mm sleeving
TP150Orange75 – 150mm sleeving

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