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The Facts On… Edge Protection

When it comes to packaging there is often an emphasis on the quality of boxing and the choice of void fill to protect the inner packaging. However, the importance of ensuring the outer packaging is not damaged is often overlooked.

Edge protection ensures that no part of the packaging process is compromised and enables your company to maintain the highest levels of quality.

There are various forms of edge protection:

Corrugated edge protectors are made from 15mm thick, six-ply board but are manufactured in lengths of L-shaped cross-section. They also provide the same high impact resistance for similar products and are perforated at intervals so they can easily be shortened to a suitable length without tools.

Kraft edge boards (also called edge guards) are more suitable for general edge protection as they are less bulky, and they are commonly used on the vertical and horizontal edges of palletised consignments where they protect the edges from impact damage, enhance pallet stability and prevent damage caused by over-tensioned or abrasive strapping. They are manufactured from kraft-wrapped greyboard and in a wide selection of flange widths, flange thicknesses and board lengths. Moisture-resistant kraft edge boards offer better durability for outdoor and high-humidity storage.

Injection moulded plastic edge protectors are designed specifically to hold plastic strapping in place and to prevent excessive strap pressure from causing damage. These are an L-shaped moulding with raised edges on both sides to prevent the strapping from slipping away from the protector. To increase the protector’s grip on the strapped load,  protectors may have an embossed surface or small spikes on the inner surfaces. Protectors are available in a range of sizes to suit differing strap widths.

A wide range of protective packaging is available from Southgate® and their network of approved distributors throughout the UK and across Europe. For more details call 01553 69 29 69 or email enquiries@southgateglobal.com.

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