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The Facts On… Corner Protection

Corner protectors made from injection moulded polypropylene come in three styles – closed, expanding and open.

Closed corner protectors look a bit like a shallow, square box cut diagonally across the top and are made to fit a range of sheet material thicknesses. Typically they protect the corners of fixed-depth products such as table tops and picture frames. Heavier duty protectors have a deep ribbed pattern on the two outer edges to increase rigidity and padding. If the panel thickness closely matches the protector depth, little additional packaging is required to hold the protector in place, although they can be temporarily secured with a staple on the underside of the panel if slight marking is acceptable.

CodeFlange depthDuty


Expanding corner protectors are a variation of closed corner protectors, with undulating connectors moulded into the flanges between the two sides that act like low-tension compression springs that pull the two sides together. Expanding corner protectors are manufactured in a range of minimum-maximum depth capacities. They are useful for protecting edges that either vary in thickness or don’t exactly match any closed corner protector depth.

CodeFlange depth
EXMCP16 – 40mm
EXLCP35 – 70mm


CPRO-1 open corner protectors are in the shape of an isosceles triangle with a deep flange on the two equilateral sides. They are also used to protect finished panel products where the panel thickness exceeds the maximum depth of a closed corner protector, and a wide variety of other square-cornered products. Open corner protectors won’t hold themselves in place and are frequently used in combination with adhesive tape, shrink wrapping or stretch wrap film.

CPC80 Corner protectors made from corrugated cardboard are more suitable for larger products. Corrugated corner protectors made from 15mm thick, six-ply board provide excellent impact-resistance for palletised goods, machinery, furniture and white goods.

A wide range of protective packaging is available from Southgate® and their network of approved distributors throughout the UK and across Europe. For more details call 01553 69 29 69 or email

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