The Facts On… Antistatic Packaging

Antistatic packaging can stop a surface from gaining static electricity by induction. This is the migration of a charge from another statically charged object, or tribocharge – rubbing two surfaces together and separating them. Static electricity can be an irritating nuisance. It can make the two sides of a plastic bag cling together so that it’s hard to pack anything into the bag. It can attract dust and particles, making presentation packaging look shabby. If the charge is high enough it can give you an unpleasant jolt when you go near the charged surface.

But it can also be the cause of expensive damage to electronic products and spark explosions of volatile substances. Using the correct packaging can prevent static from building up.


Plastic can be formulated with an ingredient or coated with a substance that reduces the possibility of tribocharge. This is particularly useful if the packaging itself is likely to be the source of static charge and to make packaging easier to open.


If a sensitive object is likely to enter a static field it needs to be insulated from outside forces. For example, a metallised layer or surface coating. The object then creates a Faraday Cage. This prevents transference of a charge to the object.


The charge cannot be conducted as rapidly if there is an increase in electrical resistance. Therefore, to prevent a spike that can cause damage or ignition, the static is discharged gradually. This can protect sensitive objects in the presence of a static field. However, if contact is made with the charged object it may be insufficient.

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