The Benefits of AirWave

A common problem with ecommerce and the shipping of goods is the packaging waste. AirWave air cushions offer the solution.

Check out the benefits of using AirWave:


No packaging material is as flexible as an air cushion wrapper. It’s reliable, adapts to any shape and helps to prevent breakage. It can be used very well for edge protection, as an in-between liner or for cross wrapping to protect all sides.


Air cushions help to reduce a lot of packaging waste. Using heavy paper to secure goods adds a lot to your freight costs. However, air cushions consist of 99% air and only 1% film. This helps to reduce waste and keep costs down as you’re practically just sending air!


Many smaller businesses use void fill to protect goods during transit but don’t have the space required to install bulky equipment or store material like loose fill or bubble wrap. Air pillows only need minimal storage space so are a great alternative.

Film Types

As well as standard AirWave film, there are other film types available including home compostable, carbon neutral, antistatic ESD and paper film. We offer a variety so that you can find the optimal solution for your packaging needs.

To find out more and view our range of AirWave machines, films and accessories, view our brochure here.

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