The Air27 pneumatic carton stapler

Just about, everyone owns a stapler. Staplers are used at the office, at home, work places and even in medical settings. When a package is delivered, there is a good chance that a stapler helped to seal that package. A stapler is a Mechanical devise that joins pages of paper or similar martial by driving a thin metal staple through the sheets and folding the ends.

This makes it one of the most common and most useful tools we have on the planet today. The Novelty Manufacturing Company invented the first true stapler in 1867. However, it could only hold one staple at a time. It was not until 1895 that E.H Hotchkiss Company invented a long strip of bendable staples that are wired together.

There are so many different types of staplers from staple guns to pneumatic staplers, which provide air-powered options. This tool can help everyone to meet almost every need to put two things together.

Why do we staple outwards?

As the legs hit the grooves in the anvil, they are bent to hold the pages together. Many staples have an anvil in the form of a pinning or stapling switch. This allows a choice between bending in or out. The outward bent staples are easier to remove and are for temporary fasting or pining.

This brings us to the Air27

Air-powered for high volume usage, can secure the top flaps of filled cartons in seconds.

Most useful in heavy-duty construction for continuous use. The Air 27 is lightweight and efficient; its design is to handle long production runs. It is consistent and will keep your production line fast moving, without causing operator fatigue, simply squeeze the trigger for a seamless staple closure.

Weighing just 2.65kg, and its quiet operation of just 82 decibels. It is the perfect option for the sealing of cartons.

We recommend using a Stronghold box support, our SHBS9 or SHBS18. This creates a stable platform for sealing carton base flaps prior to filling. The soft spiked Surface allows free movement of staple legs during closing action.

The Air27 is compatible with Stronghold 32-15s and 32-18s Staples; these are strong hold copper carton staples. They are designed for heavy-duty usage on large or heavy weight boxes. Great as an alternative to packing tape, they create a secure and professional closure.

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