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Tenzapost Widens Mailing Bags Range

Following the successful launch of its Tenzapost brand of plastic and paper mailing products, Southgate® continues to develop the selection of products on offer with the introduction of a wider opaque grey mailing bags range in fifteen popular sizes.

Made of co-extruded polythene, these feature a neutral dark grey outer layer and an opaque black lining; this guards the confidentiality of the contents and adds another layer of UV protection. A 50mm deep peel-and-seal adhesive flap ensures a permanent seal that will prevent the bag from opening during use and quickly expose any attempt to tamper with or access the contents.

Grey Polythene mailers are becoming increasingly common with the rise of online trading as they offer durable, discreet and water-resistant packaging with little additional consignment weight. They are perfectly suited to dispatching anything from magazines and books to clothing and soft goods.

The film used for Tenzapost mailing bags is 50 microns thick, making them some of the lightest on the market while retaining good strength and opacity, and are manufactured in the following sizes (dimensions do not include the additional 50mm flap):

MBG-170-230 (170 x 230mm)

MBG-230-320 (230 x 320mm)

MBG-250-350 (250 x 350mm)

MBG-300-350 (300 x 350mm)

MBG-305-405 (305 x 405mm)

MBG-320-440 (320 x 440mm)

MBG-330-485 (330 x 485mm)

MBG-350-475 (350 x 475mm)

MBG-400-525 (400 x 525mm)

MBG-425-600 (425 x 600mm)

MBG-525-600 (525 x 600mm)

MBG-550-750 (550 x 750mm)

MBG-600-900 (600 x 900mm)

MBG-850-1050 (850 x 1050mm)

All genuine Tenzapost, Tenzapac® and Tenzalopes® products are sold exclusively by Southgate® and its network of approved suppliers throughout the UK and across Europe. For further details contact them on +44 (0)1553 69 29 69 or email

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