Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Sustainability will continue to be an important trend within the packaging industry throughout 2022 and beyond. With the global climate change conference Cop 26 in Glasgow this month, the need for British companies to lead the way with sustainable packaging is becoming even more urgent.


In the last year, we have launched many new sustainable products. These include carton sealing, paper mailers and void fill. As leaders in the field of sustainable packaging, we have decided to offer eco-friendly alternatives for all our packaging products.


This decision follows our continued dedication to growing our range of products and drastically reducing packaging waste and plastic content. We noticed that an increasing amount of our customers want us to assist them with their own green credentials as consumers are becoming more cautious of their global footprint. We aim to make packaging products that meet the criteria of being sustainable, recyclable, reusable, biodegradable and waste reductive. This means that our customers can easily choose packaging they know falls within their own sustainability goals and promises to consumers.


Our water activated tape has been very popular and is quickly becoming the most requested form of carton sealing.  It’s environmentally friendly and creates a superior bond to conventional non-recyclable plastic tapes. It is a must-have in the packaging communities’ race to a circular economy.


A recent case study by a leading furniture retailer showed that by changing to our water activated tape, the company used 240% less product per year compared to traditional plastic tapes. It also found that water activated tape was 55% quicker to apply and delivered a 20% cost saving per year over regular adhesive vinyl tapes.


We hope that by introducing more sustainable alternatives, we will play a pioneering and important part in convincing the packaging industry to minimise its impact on the environment and climate change.

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