Strapping On the Side – The Optimax® AS400

Semi-automatic strapping machines are fast and versatile. Feed the strap around the pack and the strapping machine will tension, seal it and cut it from the reel in seconds. But one thing they don’t like is lots of dust, moisture or particles, which can’t always be avoided.

The strap tensioning and sealing unit is conventionally located directly underneath the strap seal point – this is generally a good thing, as it means the join is discreetly hidden away underneath the pack rather than on top or at the side, where it can be seen. But having it here also means that any mess or moisture on the pack – common in timber, food and horticultural industries – can easily fall into the mechanism and soon bring it to a grinding (or fizzing) halt.

If you think a semi-auto strapper would speed up your packing process but this is likely to cause a problem, take a look at the Optimax® AS400.

Most importantly, the tensioning and sealing unit is located to the side of the pack, safely away from contamination. Notice also that the strap coil is mounted above the machine, where it’s much less likely to get damaged or contaminated.

The table features a roller bed to help guide heavier packs across it with ease and to provide space for that moisture and bits to fall through onto the floor below. You can raise and lower the table to the best working height, and with lockable, swivelling castors it can be easily positioned wherever you need it.

The whole casing and all the key operating parts are made from stainless steel, so they are less likely to corrode and a whole lot easier to keep clean.

Like all Optimax semi-auto strapping machines, the AS400 is compatible with Safeguard® PP machine strapping.

Optimax and Safeguard products are available exclusively from Southgate® and its network of approved distributors throughout the UK and across Europe. For more information call 01553 69 29 69 or email

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