Stay in Line with LMT Tapes at Southgate

Covid-19 has completely uprooted and changed life as we know it. With the government guidelines changing on almost a daily basis it is difficult to understand what we can, and cannot, do.

We have gradually seen a growth in people returning to work after being in lock down since March. With this return to work comes a concern for employers; how can they ensure their workplace is as safe as possible?

An integral part of keeping the R figure of Covid-19 below one is through social distancing. There are simple and cost-efficient ways to remind your employees of the importance of this distancing. For example, floor markings have become a common site in all public buildings you enter.

Hazard Warning Tape

Standard hazard warning tape such as the standard black and yellow stripes, has been a common practice across many industries throughout the years. Whether its construction work or shop floors, hazard tape is now more vital than ever. Our large variety of Marcwell and own brand Lane Marking Tapes offer plenty of choice in facilitating social distance. The LMT tapes also come in a range of lengths and sizes, perfect for any size room and space. They are manufactured from high grade solid colour vinyl with an aggressive solvent backing. This will prevent scuffing and peeling, yet it can easily be removed after short-term temporary use.

Social Distancing Tape

Throughout the last few months hazard tapes such as our Safe Distance tapes have become a new normal in our daily lives. Furthermore, they stand to remind us of the importance of social distancing, through keeping one another safe and enabling employers to create a safer working environment.

LMT tapes are all available in a range of widths and colours. They are also manufactured from high grade solid colour vinyl with an aggressive solvent backing. This prevents scuffing and peeling, yet can easily be removed after short-term temporary use.  It creates social-distancing zones at essential locations such as pharmacies, surgeries and supermarkets.

All tapes can be easily and accurately applied to floors with the Pacplan TL001 applicator. It guides and applies the tape to clean, dry floors while the operator can move in a comfortable upright position.

It is important to note that LMT is not only practical for social distancing, it has a range of different uses:

  • In mixed-traffic areas, pedestrians can be protected and know where it is safe to cross forklift routes.
  • Areas around moving machinery can be highlighted to show high-risk and no entry zones.
  • Hatched boxes within storage areas can prevent aisles and access points from becoming obstructed.

To read more about taping and ancillary, visit our blog.

We have a wide range of tapes that are exclusively available from Southgate® and its network of approved distributors throughout the UK and across Europe. For more information call 01553 69 29 69 or email  sales@southgate.eu.com.

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