Southgate® Stretches the Limits of Eco Packaging

Southgate Stretches the Limits of Eco Packaging

This morning, packaging specialists Southgate will reveal their latest and probably most audacious innovation in eco-friendly packaging materials – Transpal® Elastowrap™ Expanding Kraft Paper.

Kraft paper still constitutes a significant percentage of all materials used for manual wrapping and has excellent eco-credentials. Elastowrap will widen the possibilities and ensure an eco-friendly future for an uncertain commodity.

Although the full manufacturing process remains highly confidential, Southgate can reveal that Elastowrap will be made from wood pulp derived from the Pará rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). Although this is a tropical hardwood it is commonly regarded as being environmentally-friendly timber, as it is taken from plantations rather than virgin forest and only harvested for timber once the tree has ended its latex-producing cycle.

There is however sufficient latex residue in the timber to ensure the paper maintains the elasticity that makes this product unique. Available as a roll or pre-cut sheets, Elastowrap performs much like a conventional kraft paper but stretches by up to fifteen percent under light tension. It is less likely to tear or damage contents under pressure, and with excellent memory characteristics will quickly regain its original shape. This elasticity also means that printed wrapping paper made from Elastowrap can be carefully opened and after a quick iron on a low heat, be reusable for the following Christmas.

Rubberwood is widely used in the furniture-making industry, which is in itself an ecological achievement – it was previously burnt at the end of its latex-producing life. But Southgate knows that the home-furnishings market is as notoriously fickle as fashion clothing and the time will inevitably come when rubberwood furniture will be social death. As rubber will still be needed – even driverless cars still use tyres – Elastowrap will ensure an ongoing future for rubberwood that’s past the sap-by date.

For more information on Elastowrap and appointed stockists please contact Southgate’s Head of Ecoproduct Development Jo King on 01553 69 29 69.

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