Southgate Launches Safeguard & Optimax Strapping Brochure

Southgate are pleased to announce the launch of the Safeguard and Optimax Strapping Brochure.


Safeguard and Optimax strapping products are manufactured to the highest standards. They are designed to offer superior performance across multiple manufacturing and industrial applications. They are ideal for regular industrial use and provide a wide range of versatile features.


The benefits of Safeguard and Optimax:



The strapping tools and machines have been designed from the user’s perspective. They’re easy to handle and operate, even during prolonged periods of use. They also help to reduce operator fatigue.



Having adjustable strapping controls on automated Optimax strapping tools and machines, allows users to fine tune strapping speeds and tensions to suit their requirements.



The Safeguard and Optimax brands offer the full scope of industrial strapping requirements from steel to polyester and polypropylene strapping, multiple seal and sealless securing options, plastic strap protectors, kits and dispensers.


The brochure displays a range of Optimax and Safeguard strapping, strapping tools and machines.


View the brochure here.

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