Southgate Launches Pacplan AirWave Pillow Systems Brochure

Pacplan AirWave Air Pillow Systems provide high-quality air cushioning machines, air cushion films, paper pillows and accessories to ensure protection during transport.

The air cushion machines are designed to work with AirWave air cushion films which are available in many cushion types and materials. As well as the standard Pacplan Airwave films, home-compostable films, carbon neutral films, antistatic ESD films and paper films are also available.

What are the benefits of using Airwave?

  • Air cushions ensure reliable stability
  • No packaging material is as flexible as an air cushion wrapper
  • Air cushions can be used as edge protectors
  • Air is added which means there is a reduction in material usage
  • More environmentally friendly


PaperWave BIO films combine the benefits of paper filling and air cushion film. Air is added to the paper filling, creating void fill that is 95% air x 5% material.

What are the benefits of PaperWave?

  • Made from recycled paper and compostable film
  • Reduction in environmental impact and ecological footprint
  • 100% bio-degradable and compostable
  • It’s lightweight which means lower freight costs
  • FSC sourced

Click here to read the brochure.

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