Southgate Launch Digital Edition Catalogue

Since we last published a catalogue in October 2019 we have moved to a ‘digital first’ catalogue and also integrated many of the Packer products into the Southgate range.

The beginning of 2020 saw something none of us expected, with a pandemic sweeping across the world and changing how we all communicate and do business. This gave rise to home working, virtual meetings and the opportunity to support businesses getting back to work with a range of welfare products.

With packaging enquiries continuing and social distancing still in place we recognised the need to provide a digital catalogue available. In an unstable market with prices likely to fluctuate the catalogue is unpriced to reduce discrepancies. For current contractual prices, stock levels and the ability to place orders 24/7, contact us for your login details to the Southgate Shop.

Within this catalogue you will now see references to Packer products. Where a Southgate product code is followed immediately by a Packer product code this indicates the Southgate Product code will take precedence. Where a Product appears displaying the Packer logo this denotes a Packer product has been added to the Southgate range but will continue with the original Packer product code.

We are excited to present an extended range of knives and cutters, heat shrink chambers and glue guns.

Our focus on sustainability continues as we introduce the new Carbon Neutral and PaperWave Pillow Film for use with the Pacplan AirWave, along with plain or bespoke printed Paper Mailing Bags, the eco-friendly alternative to plastic. These are strong, resilient, cost-effective and available in a range of sizes.

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