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Southgate® gives products Green High Five

Non-biodegradable packaging waste reduction is now high on every manufacturing and distribution company’s agenda, but for eco-friendly packaging to be truly viable it must be equal in terms of cost-efficiency and performance to the products it will replace.

Southgate has launched a recognition scheme – the Green High Five – to highlight its products that offer one or more of five criteria: sustainable, recyclable, reusable, biodegradable and waste reductive.

Carton sealing

Made from sustainably-sourced softwood and vegetable starch adhesive, Tegrabond® water activated tapes don’t need to be separated when recycled with used corrugated cartons and are easily biodegrade.

They are also more cost-effective and perform better than plastic tapes. It’s no coincident that the world’s largest fulfilment companies now use them instead of plastic tapes.

If you like the idea of a greener packing tape but need the versatility of a hand dispenser, Pacplus® offer two alternatives – ECO-X self-adhesive kraft paper tapes and MSK masking tapes – both made from natural wood pulp and environmentally-friendly hot melt adhesive. Both compatible with standard 75mm core dispensers and offering excellent tearability, ECO-X is the better option for permanent case taping while MSK provides a temporary, resealable bond.

Pallet wrapping

Plastic stretch wrapping film is a major contributor to packaging waste. Southgate helps companies reduce the amount of film they use, or even stop using it altogether.

Power pre-stretch pallet wrappers such as the Optimax® PSW002 turntable and RSW6 robot can slash film usage by up to 75%.

If combined with Kraftek® edge boards to protect the edges of the pallet load from chafing, Safeguard® strapping can entirely replace film, resulting in a drastic reduction in waste plastic. Transpal® anti-slip sheets have a high-friction coating that further increases pallet stability and reduces the amount of strapping needed.

Void fill

X-FILL® and X-PAD® create high-bulk, low-compressibility void fil and padding material from sustainably-sourced kraft paper.

Biofilm™ home-compostable film is a thoroughly green alternative to conventional plastic air pillow void fill, made from waste by-products of the potato processing industry. It performs equally as well as conventional film, but when added to a compost heap it rapidly disintegrates to water, carbon dioxide and minerals.

Optimax® shredders convert used corrugated cartons to free, on-demand void fill that extends the useful life of the cardboard and saves on the cost of buying specially- manufactured void fill products.


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