Southgate® drives new E-Type to market

The new, innovative E-Type impulse heat sealer features digital technology that increases productivity. Sealing temperature and cycle time are set and adjusted precisely on a digital display, giving more flexible control over seal quality and energy consumption.

Adaptive Sealing Cycle Control (ASCC) automatically adjusts sealing and cooling times to suit the working cycle speed so that the sealing wires do not overheat during extended, high-frequency use – a common cause of premature wire burn-out and maintenance downtime.

Also new on the E-Type is the motorised sealing bar, activated via an electrical foot pedal that gives greater operator versatility than the previous treadle and chain mechanism.

Southgate will be supplying the E-Type through its established network of approved distributors throughout the UK and across Europe. To find out more, please contact

The E-Type will be launched at Packaging Innovations 2019.

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