Southgate at Packaging Innovations 2019

Southgate at Packaging Innovations 2019

When the doors at NEC Birmingham open on 27-28 February for Packaging Innovations 2019, Southgate will be ready with an exciting range of products that continue their theme of increasing productivity – ‘Fewer Paces, Faster Pace’.

Visitors to the stand will see our enthusiastic, approachable team demonstrating products – no perching on bar stools with noses pressed to smartphones, hoping they won’t be disturbed!

Debuting at this show will be the all-new E-Type digital impulse sealer from Hacona®. Already well known for their excellent design and build quality, Hacona have now added advanced digital technology that reduces energy consumption and extends sealing element life. A motorised sealing head activated by an electrical foot pedal also makes the E-Type more versatile and as always, the styling is both iconic and ergonomic.

Pacplan® returns with three on-demand void fill systems:

  • X-FILL converts kraft paper from a patented load-and-go fan folded pack into high-bulking void fill material. Its patented anti-jamming feed mechanism and auto paper cut combine with a high throughput velocity to rank this as the highest-producing void fill system in its class.
  • X-PAD is a sister model to the X-FILL with many similar features, but its specialty is converting the kraft into quilted pads. These are excellent for lining boxes and interleaving between layers.
  • AirWave is an air pillow void fill system. Plastic air pillows are excellent for packaging items that might be damaged by dust and paper fibres, and demonstrate very low compressibility. Before the pillows are inflated they are stored on a compact roll that needs minimal storage space, and once used can be easily deflated to reduce the packaging waste volume.

Air pillow film is manufactured as perforated individual pillows or quilted pads in a selection of sizes. To address the growing challenge of plastic waste reduction, Pacplan® has developed its own Biofilm™ – a bio-compostable alternative to standard AirWave film. Added to compostable materials after use, this film will quickly break down into water, carbon dioxide and a few neutral or soil-enriching minerals that are found naturally in soil.

These systems will be used in conjunction with the Pacplan Technik™ bespoke pack bench system to illustrate how workflow can be streamlined through intelligent, experienced design that reduces double handling and positions all equipment and consumables within easy reach.

Also showing will be a selection of Pacplan carts, designed for bespoke applications in the order fulfilment and postal sortation sectors, and the Pacplan pallet stacker – a lightweight frame that enables easily-deployed two-tier palletised storage.

Tegrabond® will again be showing the popular BP555 water activated tape dispenser – now the carton sealing system of choice for many global ecommerce distribution centres. Water activated tape is made entirely from 100% sustainable materials – kraft paper made from renewable softwood forests and natural starch adhesive derived from vegetables – and can be easily recycled along with corrugated cartons without needing plastic/pulp separation. It is also cheaper per sealed carton than conventional plastic tape as less tape and time is used to make a more permanent seal that reduces damage or loss of contents.

Optimax® will be represented by the crowd-pulling RSW6 robotic stretch wrapper, which will demonstrate how pallets can be quickly and professionally wrapped, even if they are too large or too heavy for a standard turntable stretch wrapper.

Optimax® will also be representing strapping with the TRS700B arch strapper with a belt-driven table that enables it to be integrated within an automated packing line. The TRS700B will be running strap from Safeguard®, the UK’s largest brand of strapping, tools, accessories and seals.

How green are you?

An entirely separate area of stand will be dedicated to showing how our products can realistically reduce non-degradable plastic packaging without increasing costs.

If you’re going to be at Packaging Innovations this year and would like to meet us, or if you can’t attend this time but would like to know more about these products or other exhibitions and events we will be supporting, please call us on 01553 69 29 69 or email

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