Southgate Announces Sustainable Product Investment

As part of its continued focus on product innovation for the sustainability market, Southgate, is developing a range of new, eco-friendly packaging solutions.


The investment is part of the company’s ongoing pioneering activity to lead the industry in developing sustainable packaging products. In the last year, Southgate has launched multiple new sustainable products. This includes another Paper Tape Dispenser and Void Fill, with many more innovations to come.


As an industry leader, Southgate is committed to developing a line of alternative products to expand its current range and drastically reduce packaging waste and plastic content.


Its Carbon Neutral Air Cushions use 53% recycled content and its Water Activated Tape reduces the amount of tape needed compared to traditional packaging tape. Southgate’s Air Pillow Void Fill also uses less material than other void fill alternatives, consisting of 98% air, reducing wastage.


Craig Turner, Managing Director at Southgate Packaging, said: “With the increase in demand for packaging supplies having a knock-on effect on the supply chain, we are already starting to see industry restrictions on items such as corrugated boxes. In addition, there is also a need for warehouse space and fulfilling daily order quotas.


“With such a huge increase in demand, we are taking responsibility by giving our customers sustainable packaging solutions, reducing waste and plastic content, whilst feeding into the consumer shift for more eco-friendly packaging products.


“Currently we are re-focusing on our most sought after sustainable products, whilst developing new product innovations, with plans to have a suite of eco-friendly options available for every product.”


With the Plastic Packaging Tax coming into effect in April 2022, which will apply to plastic packaging produced in or imported into the UK that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic, Southgate’s plans will continue to grow its range whilst minimising plastic content and increasing users’ productivity and profitability.


View our Sustainability Brochure here

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