Sealing Range Expands with V-Type

Vacuum sealing is widely used in the packaging sector and across many industries, primarily the food sector where the vacuum expels oxygen that causes decay of fresh meat, dairy and vegetable produce, and to extend the shelf life of products such as cured meats and fish, coffee, cereals and nuts.

This preservative effect can also be enhanced by gas flushing, a process whereby an inert gas such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide are repeatedly injected and removed from the pack to more effectively eliminate the oxygen before the pack is sealed. This is also known as modified atmosphere packaging.

Vacuum sealing without gas flushing expels surplus air from the pack to create a more compact unit that requires less storage space. Examples of this include animal bedding and compost. It can also be used to protect products from moisture, dehydration and contamination and act as a tamper-evident seal, so is widely used in the electronics, pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

Packaging specialists Southgate® has now added the V-Type range of semi-automatic vacuum heat sealers to its range of professional-quality industrial impulse heat sealers. This comprises a base unit which operates the vacuum, gas flushing and sealing cycles, and a selection of interchangeable sealing bars with sealing lengths ranging from 400 to 1300mm. the V-Type can be bench mounted or fitted to its own height-adjustable floor stand with roller conveyor work holder for integration within a packing line.

Southgate supplies industrial packaging machinery, tools and consumables through their network of approved distributors throughout the UK and across Europe. For more information, email or contact them on +44 (0)1553 69 29 69.

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