Repair Service Terms

All repairs are subject to our standard conditions of sale in addition to the service-specific conditions below.

Except in case of a warranty repair or unless specifically quoted otherwise, we will charge a fee to arrange collection of the goods. If collection is no longer required, the customer must inform us a minimum of 24 hours before the collection is due to avoid charges. If the notification period is shorter than this, we will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure no cost is incurred, however any costs incurred will be passed on to the customer.

Where a tool is returned for repair under the terms of the warranty agreement applicable at the time of purchase, and is confirmed to be within the terms of the warranty agreement upon return to our workshop, this is deemed a warranty repair. Under a warranty repair we will bear the cost of all applicable items and costs as determined under the terms of the applicable agreement. Conditions relating to R3: Admin Surcharge and R4: Repair Cost below, do not apply in the case of a warranty repair. However should the fault not be found to be covered by warranty, a quote will be raised for repair and our terms will apply as for a standard repair.

In the event the buyer chooses not to proceed with the repair once in receipt of the quotation, a surcharge equal to 1 hour’s labour plus any carriage costs will be payable to cover costs incurred in quoting for the repair.

Whilst every effort is made to quote an accurate tool repair cost, we cannot always ascertain the full extent of parts required. There may be additional unforeseen costs at the time of repair. Under such circumstances we will contact the customer as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Where the company arranges collection of the goods, it is the sender's responsibility to ensure the goods are properly packaged for return, no claims for damage in transit will be accepted where the damage is caused due to insufficient/incorrect packaging.

Where a tool has been returned to us that we have not supplied and are not able to repair, this will be returned to the customer on our courier and a handling charge of £10 plus carriage will become payable.

We reserve the right to waive any of the above fees/charges relating to any repair – however such action is solely at our discretion and does not constitute any precedent or undertaking to waive such charges at any point in the future.

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