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Products need protecting from low-impact damage during storage and transport, particularly pallets. Actions such as Careless forklifting, load movement and even over-tension as a result of strapping or stretch wrap film, are common causes of damage. Southgate has a catalogue of different edging content:

Kraftek® Edge Boards

Kraftek® edge boards are made of resilient Kraft-wrapped grey board and are used to fully protect all horizontal and vertical load edges. The boards are held in place with strapping, shrink or stretch film, they are also manufactured in a moisture-resistant grade which is even more suited to storage outside or in humid environments. They are manufactured in a range of flange widths and thicknesses, and although they are available in several popular lengths, they can be easily cut to the required dimensions to ensure complete protection.


Transpal® corrugated edge and corner protectors are more suitable where additional cushioning is needed, for example with white goods. These feature six layers of corrugated board sandwiched together to offer unprecedented protection. Also, they are perforated at handy intervals to enable them to be easily torn to the correct length.

Transpal® moulded plastic corner protectors are either ‘open’ – protecting the three sides of a corner – or ‘closed’ – protecting all four sides of the corner of a fixed depth material such as a desk top or picture frame. Another variation of the closed design is the ‘expanding’ corner protector, which incorporates a spring profile within the moulding and will naturally grip onto any corner within given thickness parameters.


Safeguard® plastic edge protectors are specifically designed for use with strapping. PRO-TEX extruded protectors, supplied in perforated roll format and packed in a handy dispenser carton, are a low-cost and compact option. Injection moulded edge protectors are supplied separately but feature raised edges that prevent the strap from slipping from the protector and digging into the carton. Some protectors also feature embossing or small plastic spikes on the inner edges that perforate the outer layer of cardboard packaging and prevent the protector from dislodging once secured by the strap.

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Safeguard and Transpal products are exclusively available from Southgate via their network of approved distributors throughout the UK and across Europe. For more details call Southgate on +44 (0)1553 69 29 69 or email

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