Increased Demand For Packaging Equipment & Machinery

The ongoing challenge of recruitment in the warehouse sector is being helped by the booming market for equipment and machinery.

Southgate Global are reporting sustained growth in demand for its portfolio of packaging equipment which covers mechanised case taping through to shrink wrapping, all of which can help to increase productivity.

The warehousing sector is experiencing record vacancies. The continued shift to e-commerce from physical stores also means more manpower is required in warehouses. With the e-commerce boom showing no signs of slowing down and now accounting for more than one quarter of all retail sales in the UK, Southgate has seen its business in the sector grow significantly, which is why machinery and equipment is a big focus.

David Grantham, Head of Sales at Southgate Global commented: “In an increasingly competitive market, levels of automation within manufacturing, assembly and despatch can certainly help improve efficiencies, when pressures on the workforce continues to be a cause for concern.

“Case taping, stretch wrapping, shrink wrapping and strapping when automating is utilised can significantly increase productivity, improving throughput and quality with reduced manual handling as well as reducing material usage.

“The use and growth of new machinery has increased over the past decade and is expanding across numerous end-of-line processes, such as wrapping.”

This market growth has enabled Southgate to extend its portfolio of machinery and equipment, such as the new Xtegra Tegrabond Water Activated Tape Case Taper which recently launched. WAT is quickly becoming the carton sealer of choice throughout the order fulfilment sector as the need for sustainable solutions continues to grow in importance.

Most of Southgate’s new machinery launches have been designed to offer a more sustainable solution. Southgate is committed to developing alternative products to significantly reduce packaging waste and plastic content.

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