Product Launch: X-Wrap

We are excited to announce the launch of the X-Wrap Dispenser.

The X-Wrap is a sustainable alternative to plastic wrapping, suitable for packaging sensitive and fragile products. For enhanced product protection and an improved appearance you can also use an intermediate layer of white tissue paper.


  • Shock absorbing property
  • Protection for pointed and sharp edged products
  • Leak protection for liquids – absorbent
  • Flexible design adapts to cavities in box
  • Paper has a high recycling rates
  • Product fixation possible

Dispenser (XWP-DISP)

The dispenser is made of steel? For long lasting durable use. Its compact dimensions (33 x 62 x 28cm) means that it is the ideal fit for the majority of workstations.


We offer two colour options on our mesh rolls: white (XW3825W) and brown (XW3825B) kraft.

Intermediate adapter and roll

The interleaf adapter (XRP-IA) Is an optional addition to the X-Wrap but we would highly recommend using this for enhanced protection and an improved appearance. The white tissue paper (XW2340-IP) has a barrel length of 400m.

Telescopic assembly

The telescopic assembly unit is an additional benefit for those who have a smaller workspace. Comprising of two separate parts that slot into each end of the main roll, reducing the surface area coverage.


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