Plastic Free, Power Free, Hands Free – Meet the BP222

We are excited to announce the launch of the BP222, our new sleek and lightweight manual water activated tape dispenser. It is ideal for small and home offices, retail outlets and low-volume shipping environments.

Water activated tape, also referred to as gummed paper tape, is fast becoming the most popular form of carton sealing.  Environmentally conscious and having a superior bond to conventional non-recyclable plastic tapes, it is a must have for the packaging communities’ race to a circular economy.

The Xtegra® Tegrabond® BP222 has a portable and lightweight design which enables it to be easily fitted into any working environment. It is our most environmentally conscious water activated tape dispenser to date. With no batteries, no cords and reinforced paper tape that is recyclable and repulpable this simple to use dispenser is the perfect addition for any industry.

Features and benefits:
  • Soft touch tape delivery
  • Easy push tape dispensing
  • Blade delivers clean, even cutting of reinforced kraft water activated tape
  • Better pack water brushed provide consistent, uniform tape wetting
  • Portable dispenser does not require electricity
  • Refillable and spill resistant
  • Tank holds up to one cup (227ml) of water to activate 114 metres of tape
  • Push lever dispenses 25.4cm length of tape, repeat push lever for longer tape lengths
  • Simple to operate

Want to find out more about water activated tape and its benefits? Visit our blog where we explore its seven main advantages including tamper evidence, cost efficiency  and integral closures.

Call us on 01553 692969 or email sales@southgate.eu.com for more details.

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