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Employee Welfare Portawash

All-in-one handwash stations It has been proven that the most effective way of killing germs, is using soap and water to wash your hands. Our self-contained units, require no plumbing or electrics and can be installed anywhere. Each product comes with soap, water, paper towel and a bin. Giving you everything you need to maintain …

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Let’s get shredding!

The shredder emerged in the 1900’s. The inventor Abbot Augustus Low patented the idea, however the device was not refined enough to ever be mass-produced, so Adolf Ehinger took it to the next level in 1935. At the time, the shredder was intended to be used for destroying anti-Nazi propaganda in case it was discovered …

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The Facts on… Security Packaging

Pilferage Stealthy removal of contents from a consignment, generally in small amounts. Tamperage To deliberately damage, modify or contaminate a product. Tamperage of pharmaceutical and food products may be to maliciously cause harm; tamperage of machinery or electronics may be to bypass safety measures, access restricted areas or modify settings. Tamper-evident Tamper-evident measures feature an …

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