Let’s get shredding!

The shredder emerged in the 1900’s.

The inventor Abbot Augustus Low patented the idea, however the device was not refined enough to ever be mass-produced, so Adolf Ehinger took it to the next level in 1935. At the time, the shredder was intended to be used for destroying anti-Nazi propaganda in case it was discovered by the secret police. This worked in a similar way to the modern hand-cranked pasta cutter!

Today we are not only shredding paper but, almost anything!

Shredding your waste reduces your carbon-footprint on the environment, protects you from identity theft and increases the re-use of your materials. Did you know you can recycle cardboard up to 5 times before the fibres become too short, this can then be used as compost? The UK produces over 8 million tonnes of cardboard every year. We could save a lot of trees!

So let’s shred!

A business striving for the ultimate eco-friendly workplace, should consider purchasing a shredder! Owning a shredder demonstrates ecological mindfulness and responsibilities, empowering you to proudly present your green certifications, adding credit to your company.

“It is a one-time investment with very easy storage!”

By utilising a cardboard shredder, you will have the capacity to re-use your cardboard waste as void fill. This not only eradicates the expense of purchasing void fill materials, but additionally the expense of waste disposal.

As we discussed in The Facts on Void Fill, ‘Some shredders, such as those in the Optimax range, can be easily switched between making high-bulk void fill and protective matting for carton lining, interleaving and wrapping, while others cut the corrugated into short, narrow loose-fill chips. Incidentally, these are also great for free pet and equestrian bedding. ‘

‘With advantages, to both the company and the environment, it is hard to deny that cardboard shredders are anything but valuable assets. By simply cutting systematic slits, cardboard shredders create resilient economical packing material.’

In short, cardboard shredders are an economical option going forward for a range of industries.

Let us introduce you to one of our favoured machines

With an output of 2-3 cubic metres per hour and a feed rate of 12mtr per minute, we bring to you the OP320.

Cutting 320mm wide and 15mm thick, this machine is able to cope with most things!  It has a 230V/50Hz power supply and 0.75kQ consumption. Standing at a height of 980mm, a depth of 1060mm and a width of 660mm, it’s just short of a beast!

What about keeping the workplace tidy whilst all this shredding is going on? Worry no further, this machine comes with a dust extraction outlet that connects to the SFP100-K, so there’s no clearing up to be done at the end!

To top it all, this machine complies with safety standards BS EN ISO 13857:2008 and IEC/EN 60204-1, so it’s got all the bells and whistles to pass all safety tests like a breeze.

“Turning your used cardboard packaging into high-bulk void fill and protective matting.” …it’s just what we do.

That’s just one of many machines. Find a machine best suited for you and your company. Speak to our team today.

Let’s get recycling our waste and saving those trees!

The Optimax® range of shredders are available from Southgate® and its network of approved distributors throughout the UK and across Europe. For more information call 01553 69 29 69 or email 

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