Introducing the PWN4 Air Pillow System

The PWN4 air pillow system is our fastest small pillow system yet. Its compact size means that it is both mobile and flexible in placement.


The PWN4 is the fastest machine on the market.  The 4 speed modes of 4/6/8/10m per minute offer unbeatable speed without compromising on quality. Additionally, there is no heat up phase, saving time and increasing efficiency.


The touchpad interface is easy to use and enables you to adjust the heat and airflow quickly and efficiently. You can start and stop just at the touch of a button, reducing time and product wastage.


The compact air pillow system also enables you to set a variable timer for air cushion production alongside variable temperature and air volume controls.


The PWN4 is compatible with both narrow air cushion chains and the wider air cushion matts meaning you are not restricted in the range of products that you can use.


The compact design of the PWN4 is ideal for small packing stations, creating air cushion production on demand.

To find out more speak to a member of our team today on 01553 692699 or email

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