Introducing Self Seal Paper

Self-seal paper sticks to itself and is a great option for reducing packaging waste. The cohesive coating doesn’t leave any residue and will not stick to your products. It seals instantly without heat or pressure.

Self-Seal is also available as a corrugated roll which offers added protection for many applications. Using self-seal paper is both quick and easy. It can be used with any suitable sized dispenser.


Self-seal paper offers a quick solution to packaging a wide variety of goods and is ideal for eCommerce.


It’s coated with natural rubber latex. It only sticks to itself and not the goods in the package.


All that is needed is light pressure by hand to ensure quick wrapping.

Reduce Waste

Self-seal paper helps to reduce packaging waste. It is also tape and staple free.

Packaging Solution

Corrugate can be used to replace foam padding on items including books, bicycle handles and furniture parts. It is the ideal packaging solution for non-breakable retail products. It is also perfect for clothing, soft goods and alternative shaped products.

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