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How are your pallet damages stacking up?

The correct way to carry out pallet stacking is a constant battle within a business:

You receive a call from an irate customer, complaining that a pallet of fragile goods has been damaged in transit.

Has the pallet has been dropped or tilted? No, the Xtegra® shock and tilt monitors haven’t been activated.

Has it been rammed by a forklift? No, the Kraftek® edge boards that you placed at each corner have done a good job of protecting against that.

The customer mentions that it looks like the pallet has been double-stacked.

I can’t believe that! We deliberately put DO NOT STACK labels on all sides – can’t those guys read?

Although warning labels are a good precautionary measure, they can sometimes be overlooked in a busy distribution centre or not noticed if the load includes printed cartons or other visual distractions. If you absolutely, positively must ensure that nothing is stacked on top of your pallet, the sure-fire solution is to use Xtegra® NSC non-stack cones.

These non-stack cones are a simple but brilliant concept, made from high-visibility printed corrugated card and supplied flat-packed for easy storage. Within seconds they can be assembled into a three-sided pyramid that can be attached to the top of your pallet either by feeding strap through the slots at the base of each side or taping it down by the feet. The cone then serves as a visible and physical obstacle to stacking.

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Injection moulded plastic or multi-layered corrugated cardboard corner and edge-protectors

Layer sheets with anti-slip coating on both sides to hold layers of cartons in place

Shrink covers
One-piece heavy-gauge polythene pallet covers that shrink to fit, in standard pallet sizes

Shrink tubing
Gusseted polythene shrink tubing on the roll, cuts to size to encircle pallet

Gas gun
Propane powered hot-air gun for even distribution across large areas of shrink film

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