Providing some of the UK's largest fulfilment centres with the latest in fulfilment centre technologies, Southgate offers tangible efficiency saving opportunities

A holistic approach to design.

As commerce becomes more web-based, order fulfilment centres look for ways to streamline processes and maximise efficiency, and what better way to do it than with Southgate?

The Pacplan Technik brand represents excellence at every stage of your project, from initial survey to installation and commissioning. We listen, advise and communicate with everyone involved in the process so that the end result not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

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We know how to shave time and effort from repetitive tasks to make significant improvements in productivity.

We know how to identify and remove bottlenecks so you will continue to operate efficiently even during peak periods.

And our in-house CAD facilities mean we have complete control over product and system design and can easily and quickly adapt to changes during the design process.


Workstations enable you to maximise your working environment efficiency and productivity. Taking up minimal space the compact design of our workstations are ideal for busy production areas as well as smaller workshops.

We offer bespoke designs that provide ultimate flexibility, ensuring that everything is within easy reach to the operator. The material storage locations are also designed to minimise operator movement, not only streamlining processes but also protecting the operator from fatigue and repetitive strain injury.

Photo of Pacplan Technik bespoke packaging system
Photo of Pacplan workstation

As these bench systems are individually designed for each application, they can include storage for packaging materials, incorporate semi-automated case taping or void fill machinery, and integrate fully with seamless pick face to pallet systems.

Offering a totally bespoke design and manufacturing service, we are able to tailor a workstation design to perfectly suit your application, operation and working environment.

The first steps to specifying your new workstation

By providing the basic information required, we can start to put together the perfect Pacplan® Technik™ workstation and fulfilment proposal for you.

Complete your workstation enquiry here



Trolleys and Carts

Southgate offers a range of bespoke trollies to suit your needs. From roll cages to juice carts for totes Southgate's fulfilment range is ideal for all working environments.

Not only do trollies and carts offer protection to your productions but also to the operators. Improving efficiency they enable large volumes of stock to be transported with minimal risk. Our chrome trolleys also offer height adjustable shelves in a choice of sizes, creating an economic, versatile and hardwearing handling and display trolley.

Power on Wheels

The Pacplan Power on Wheels (POW) is a height adjustable, battery powered, mobile workstation. Designed to improve productivity for use in warehouses and industrial and office environments.

With excellent usage time, one full battery charge will run a laptop, printer and camera for approximately 16 hours and is compatible for both UK and EU use.

Watch our video of the POW in action today. 

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