From Lab to Jab

Xtegra™ security void tape has been the product of choice for the rollout of both the Pfizer and Oxford, Astra Zeneca vaccines.

Our range of Tegracheck™ security tapes are made with an aggressive adhesive which prevents removal of the tape without clear evidence, revealing an ‘OPEN VOID’ message. These tapes are ideal for food, hospital and care industries where it is imperative to know that a package has not been tampered with.

Covid-19 Home Test Kits
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Alongside the use of  Xtegra™ tape, Southgate has also been supporting the efforts against Covid-19 through the packaging of the home test kits. The logistics operator Europa, on behalf of Southgate, has packaged and despatched over five million test kit bags. They also continue to issue around 100,000 tests a week. Southgate designed the self-seal bags to minimise the danger of excessive handling and contamination. The design  means that the tests can be quickly and efficiently sealed and sent out to people who are unable to attend test sites.

                                                          NHS Rainbow Tape
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Southgate also launched a new NHS Rainbow Tape initiative to replace its regular packaging tape. This was carried out in partnership with a client. They sent gift packages to key workers across the UK at the height of the first national lockdown. As a result of this campaign Southgate was able to donate £5,000 to a local NHS hospital.


At Southgate one of our core values is to be collaborative and we look forward to working with more businesses in the future.

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