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Advantages of WAT #1 – An Integral Closure

Advantages of WAT #1 – An Integral Closure

Most carton sealing tapes use what we call ‘pressure-sensitive’ adhesive, meaning that the only agent required to adhere the tape to the carton is pressure. This adhesive stays tacky throughout its service life, never fully curing. If the carton is made from low-grade corrugated, isn’t totally flat or has space behind the tape seal, the …

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The Seven Advantages of WAT

The Seven Advantages of WAT

Water activated tape – also commonly known as gummed paper tape – is rapidly becoming the carton sealer of choice in the order fulfilment sector, with the world’s largest operations using it exclusively in favour of plastic tapes. So why should a product that looks quaintly old-fashioned be so popular? Over the next seven weeks …

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Southgate Launches New Website

Southgate Launches New Website

Following the merge of Adpac and Southgate Packaging into one new entity – Southgate® – the company has completely rebuilt its website from the ground up to reflect its new dynamics as a solutions provider for packaging, fulfilment and productivity. The new site will also host regular blogs on a wide spectrum of subjects covering …

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Putting a Spin on Giving

Staff Putting a Spin on Giving

Southgate’s Charity Table Tennis Championship started in October with 24 staff members participating in the first round. The finals were scheduled for Friday 21st December, with the winner nominating a charity to receive a Southgate donation. As the tournament progressed, brothers Craig and Dale Turner seemed likely to meet each other in the semi-finals, with …

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Southgate wins ISO 9001

Let’s talk ISO ISO 9001 is defined as ‘the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Organisations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.’ What are the benefits? Increased efficiency Improved Productivity Minimising waste and errors Ensuring quality of …

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Strange and Funny Shipping Facts

Strange and Funny Shipping Facts

As many will be frantically wrapping gifts and we look back on another eventful year in packaging, here’s a few interesting – but possibly useless – facts about the delivery sector. No Kidding On the first day of 1913, the United States Post Office started allowing large parcels to be shipped through the mail. The …

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Southgate Supports Stroke Association

Southgate Supports Stroke Association

Five years ago, Southgate’s Managing Director Marcus Turner suffered a severe and unexpected stroke at the age of 43. The company corporate structure was such that Southgate was able to recover quickly from this setback but on a personal level, Marcus’ plight touched everyone throughout the company. His colleagues watched with increasing astonishment as, with …

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Photo to illustrate Southgate packaging environmentally friendly products

Southgate® gives products Green High Five

Non-biodegradable packaging waste reduction is now high on every manufacturing and distribution company’s agenda, but for eco-friendly packaging to be truly viable it must be equal in terms of cost-efficiency and performance to the products it will replace. Southgate has launched a recognition scheme – the Green High Five – to highlight its products that …

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Order on the go with the new Southgate shop

The new Southgate online shop launched for distributors at the end of September. With real-time stock availability and agreed contractual prices, the new website enables placing an order from anywhere at anytime. Over 1,500 products are currently listed on the Southgate shop, from strapping and tape dispensers, to heat sealers and stretch wrappers. The easy …

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Photo of Pacplan Technik bespoke packaging system

Pacplan: Everything To Hand

In the order fulfilment sector, profitability is all about driving efficiency and reducing costs, and the most effective way to do this is with a fully-integrated pack system. Smart design that places everything exactly where you need it and reduces double-handling and bottlenecks. Automation that offers versatility for irregular pack sizes and fluctuating demands. When …

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