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The Facts On… Kitstart Strapping Kits

Safeguard® KitStart™ strapping kits include everything needed for low volume and first-time users – dispenser, tools, strap and seals. The tools and consumables contained in the kits are genuine Safeguard® and Kinetix® products that can be replenished or replaced from the full range. Kits for 12mm black PP strapping in dispenser box BSK600 with strap …

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The Facts on… Hotmelt Glues

Hotmelt glue is a thermoplastic combination of polymers, resins and waxes that cures faster and releases less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than liquid, solvent-based adhesive. By changing these basic ingredients and their relative proportions, characteristics such as melt heat, open time and bond strength can be adjusted to suit the bonding function and method of …

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Catalogue 76

Southgate Launches Catalogue 76

Since we last published a priced catalogue in October 2018 we have successfully launched our new online shop, featuring all catalogue product lines. As we continue to develop the portal this will become the primary location for our full product range and your own ‘specials’, with access to real-time stock availability and your agreed contractual …

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Strapping tools

The Facts on… Strapping Tools and Machinery

With such a wide range of manual tools and automatic machines, it may be difficult for the newcomer to strapping to know which is the best choice for them. In this blog we hope to make this selection process easier by discussing the various factors that will influence the final decision. Frequency of use How …

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The Facts On… Roll Product Dispensers

Kraft paper, corrugated paper, bubble film and perforated pallet covers – all packaging products supplied in rolls need some form of dispenser to support their weight, allow them to rotate freely and let the user easily separate the material from the roll at the required length. Probably the most widely-used type is a bench mounted …

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Silica Gel Sachets – Surprising Uses!

Silica gel desiccant is essentially a form of sand (silicon dioxide) which is able to absorb up to 40% of its mass in water. It is used in two forms; indicating and non-indicating. Indicating silica gel contains cobalt that causes the crystals to change colour when moisture is absorbed and as cobalt is toxic, care …

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Training Can Cut Knife Injury

As a knife is such a simple, everyday tool it can sound patronising to suggest that companies should train their staff to use them correctly. But as a report by the US National Safety Council revealed, knife cuts account for about 30% of all workplace injuries and 70% of these are lacerations to fingers and …

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Advantages of WAT #4 – Temperature Tolerance

In a previous blog in this series we spoke about the permanence of a carton seal when using water activated tape rather than pressure-sensitive plastic tape. This feature is even more noticeable when the tape is subjected to extremes of temperature. The plastics used to make packaging tapes become brittle if exposed to the low …

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The Facts On…Tenzalopes®

It’s one of those brands that hardly needs introduction to people who Google® (search the internet) for AstroTurf® (grass-like artificial sport and leisure ground covering) download the installation instructions onto a Memory Stick® (portable digital storage device) for them to Xerox® (print on an electronic duplicator) at a later date. They ask the supplier to …

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Polythene bags

The Facts On… Polythene Bags

Polythene bags need no introduction; they seem to be everywhere. While they are frequently demonised for polluting our oceans and landscapes, they still play an important part in the packaging industry, so let’s hear it for polythene bags before they’re consigned to the recycling bin of history. Before we go on to the main reason …

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