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Printed Tapes

A Guide to Printed Tapes and Labels

Self-adhesive tapes and labels printed with warning messages or symbols are a good way of alerting handling personnel to the handling requirements or contents of a consignment. A wide selection of these is available from stock in standard designs as a cost-effective alternative to custom printed tapes and labels. Pacplus® Printed Message Tapes These 48mm …

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The Facts on… Security Packaging

Pilferage Stealthy removal of contents from a consignment, generally in small amounts. Tamperage To deliberately damage, modify or contaminate a product. Tamperage of pharmaceutical and food products may be to maliciously cause harm; tamperage of machinery or electronics may be to bypass safety measures, access restricted areas or modify settings. Tamper-evident Tamper-evident measures feature an …

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Will Brexit Threaten Your Operation’s Staffing Levels?

Industries employing high percentages of unskilled labour will undoubtedly feel the impact of falling net migration as EU workers return home or seek work in other EU countries in the wake of more stringent migration laws following Brexit. The signs are already there – at the end of 2018 the Office for National Statistics estimated …

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Visit Southgate at IMHX2019

Our events diary continues to grow as we announce we will be attending this year’s IMHX Event held at the NEC Birmingham between 24th and 27th September 2019. IMHX is the largest event in the UK for professionals within the logistics, supply chain and materials handling industries. With over 400 exhibitors and 16,000 attendees IMHX …

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Advantages of WAT #6 – Cost Savings

If you look at the cost per metre of a roll of water activated kraft paper tape it is easy to dismiss it as an expensive eco-alternative to plastic tapes. The actual facts couldn’t be more different – after all, would the world’s largest order fulfilment company – famous for paring its operational costs to …

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Plastic Strapping

The Facts on… Plastic Strapping

Strapping was originally made of steel, which is extremely strong, has low stretch and is heat- and UV-resistant, but also has limitations. It is heavy, easily corrodes, has poor stretch recovery and when it is cut under tension, presents a safety risk. Its applications were therefore limited. Just over fifty years ago, plastic strapping began …

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New Thermal Label Range

New Thermal Label Range We are excited to announce the launch of our new thermal label range, suitable for Desktop and Industrial Printers (Zebra, Datamax, Toshiba TEC, Citizen, Kroy, TSC and Sato label printers). Top coated direct thermal > More hard wearing > Better direct thermal printing capabilities > Excellent adhesion for all substrates > …

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The Facts on… Tape Dispensers

Dispensers for adhesive tapes largely fall into two categories – hand held and bench mounted – so that’s where we’ll start talking about them. Hand dispensers are versatile, inexpensive and of course portable, designed to be used with one hand so that the other hand is free to securely hold the carton align the flaps …

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The Facts on… Paper Packaging Products

Paper products have been used for generations to pack and protect products. Most contain a high recycled content, are recyclable and biodegradable, and all paper pulp comes from sustainable softwood sources. As we try to reduce the volume of non-degradable plastic packaging finding its way to landfill and polluting our oceans, it’s time we revisited …

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Advantages of WAT #5 – Improved Presentation

It is now rare for retail products to be presented in plain outer cartons as manufacturers recognise the commercial advantages – anti-fraud, brand promotion, product identification and enhanced perceived value – of custom printed cartons, and consumers are learning to expect a higher level of presentation. But is this being spoilt by the tape used …

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