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steel strapping

The Facts on… Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is manufactured from zinc coated or black steel and is primarily used for heavy duty manual strapping applications, such as in the construction materials and timber industries. Mill wound strapping is oscillated uniformly across the width of the core to maximise the volume of strap that can be fitted on the core. While …

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Stay in Line with LMT Tapes at Southgate

Covid-19 has completely uprooted and changed life as we know it. With the government guidelines changing on almost a daily basis it is difficult to understand what we can, and cannot, do. We have gradually seen a growth in people returning to work after being in lock down since March. With this return to work …

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Primary, Secondary & Tertiary

The Facts on… The Three Types of Packaging

We frequently ask consumers:  What packaging do you use? The typical response: We do not use packaging; we only distribute pre-packaged products. Packaging is often mistakenly viewed as ‘the box my product arrived in’. It is, in fact, a multifaceted industry that deals with a range of packaging needs. Moreover, many are unaware that there …

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Southgate Launch Digital Edition Catalogue

Since we last published a catalogue in October 2019 we have moved to a ‘digital first’ catalogue and also integrated many of the Packer products into the Southgate range. The beginning of 2020 saw something none of us expected, with a pandemic sweeping across the world and changing how we all communicate and do business. …

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protective sleeving

The Facts On… Protective Sleeving

Expandable protective sleeving is used as temporary protection for fragile products and surface coatings. It offers high resistance to acids and solvents and is also unaffected by oils and greases. Additionally, it has excellent memory so can be reused time and again. The sleeving is made in a continuous roll of extruded low-density polyethylene, moulded …

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Southgate on the Front Line: Covid-19

As the threat of coronavirus COVID-19 impacts on global health and economy, Southgate is a useful ally to those still engaged in delivery of essentials to health professionals and households. In many areas the front line is now online. Delivery from distribution hubs lessens the risk of infection compared with retail outlets. Some smaller companies …

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Taping and Ancil

Do You Suffer from Wrap Rage?

According to a 2013 study over 60,000 people are injured by opening packaging each year and not using safety cutters. In the workplace, according to the National Safety Council (US), knife cuts account for about 1/3 of overall workplace injuries. A further two-thirds of those are lacerations to hands and fingers. Packaging designers are now …

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Employee Welfare Portawash

All-in-one handwash stations It has been proven that the most effective way of killing germs, is using soap and water to wash your hands. Our self-contained units, require no plumbing or electrics and can be installed anywhere. Each product comes with soap, water, paper towel and a bin. Giving you everything you need to maintain …

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Employee Welfare Testing Station

Test staff at a safe distance with screen protection Designed by Southgate to enable factories, logistics supply chains and ecommerce companies to test staff for fevers before they enter the workplace. > Very quick and simple to deploy and are also portable. They are designed to be used in conjunction with infrared forehead thermometers. > …

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How to Survive the Void Fill Crisis

Void fill is manufactured from a number of substances. Primarily composed of polystyrene or maize starch foam, polythene film air pillows and shredded paper or card. The relatively insignificant packaging sector is set to change due to two globally-occurring factors. Increased cost of Kraft Paper Paper-based void fill systems widely use Kraft paper. Its strength …

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