In an increasingly competitive world, automation within the manufacturing, assembly and despatch operations of your business is essential for ensuring that the profitability of your business is maximised.


Say the word automation and robotic production lines often come to mind, but we think of it as anything that reduces operational costs and introduces greater efficiency and productivity to the packing process.

Void fill

Take void fill systems as an example.

Air pillow and kraft paper systems from Pacplan® create high volumes of low-compression void fill from compact film rolls and paper packs. The material is dispensed exactly where and when it is needed.

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Case taping, stretch wrapping, shrink wrapping and strapping are processes where automation can drastically increase productivity, often while improving the end result and reducing materials usage.

We sell the Optimax® range of premium quality packaging machinery, known and trusted for build quality, reliability and performance.

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Picture of case taper machine

Case taping

An automatic case taper from Optimax can significantly increase productivity in a high volume packing operation, simultaneously sealing the top and bottom flaps in a couple of seconds. A random case taper will even automatically adjust to varying carton dimensions on a mixed packing line.

Picture of stretch wrapping machine

Stretch wrapping

Ask anyone who has manually stretch wrapped a quantity of pallets and they will tell you that an automatic stretch wrapping turntable is a worthwhile investment, but it’s not only backache that you’ll save. Optimax turntables wrap faster, better and use less film than manual wrapping.

If your pallets are too large or too heavy for a turntable, the Optimax RSW6 robotic wrapper takes the wrapping to the pallet.

Photo of shrink wrapping machine

Shrink wrapping

Optimax semi-automatic chamber shrink wrappers combine film sealing and shrinking into a single, compact unit where the operator simply loads the pack and closes the chamber. A separate seal unit and shrink tunnel are less compact but offer increased throughput

photo of strapping machines


From semi-automatic table strappers to fully-automatic arch strappers with powered feed that can be integrated within an automated packing line, Optimax has a strapping machine for every need.

If you’re strapping pallets, a cordless friction weld tool is faster and easier than hand strapping and pallet strappers that can be operated independently or built into a packing line can strap pallets vertically or horizontally.

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